Book Review: Scaling Lean by Ash Maurya

A little more than 5 years ago I reviewed Ash Maurya’s first book Running Lean.

Ash is about to release his 2nd book, Scaling Lean and I just finished a detailed review on my podcast.

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Scaling Lean captures how I work

Ash has once again made an amazing contribution to our careers as entrepreneurs. Scaling Lean captures many of the painful best practices I’ve learned over the years. This is how I work, how I think about building products. Moreover, I’m going to follow the approach in Scaling Lean rigorously when I do my next startup.

But it isn’t an easy read

I read Scaling Lean 3 times cover-to-cover because:

  • The ideas are so friggin’ valuable and I wanted to really understand them.
  • The book covers a very complex topic.
  • It could be organized better.

Is Scaling Lean for you?

If you are an entrepreneur, Angel investor, iCorps program manager, startup accelerator organizer or entrepreneurship professor Scaling Lean is a must-read. If you’re an entrepreneur it is a should-read – you may not be able to apply all of it without more experience but the book will serve as a valuable reference when you’re stuck.

You can order Scaling Lean here.

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