After 15 years of blogging I’ve decided to hit the reset button by deleting all of my old work. So if you’re looking for my past essays on startups … customer development … entrepreneurship … investing … life in china … unfortunately they’re gone forever.

Why? Quite honestly my interest, experience and opinions have all evolved and I didn’t want to be anchored by the past. In the meantime here is what I’m up to.


I started a boutique AI consulting company with Russ Rands. Prolego is my most successful venture to date and almost all of my professional time is spent building it.

You can follow what I’m doing on LinkedIn.

Angel investing

I currently have 4 active companies in my portfolio and am not pursuing new investments at the moment.

All are run by incredibly talented founders and I’m honored to share a small part in their journey.


I’ve been a board member of Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Foundation for over 10 years.

My family also actively supports the arts through the Telfair Museums.