Resources for Lean Startups

My favorite resources for the entrepreneur seeking to mitigate waste and maximize the probability of success. Get periodic updates if you follow me on Twitter.

My favorite lean startup? Food on the Table. Pure-play example of selling an MVP without writing a line of code. Now that’s lean!

Four Steps to the Epiphany$10 cheaper at cafe press Fantastic resource, but not a light read.
The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development – Lighter read version of “4 Steps”, endorsed by Steve Blank. Use code ‘KEVINDEWALT’ for a discount.
Getting Lean by Ash Maurya. Not out yet but I can’t wait for it!

General – Start Here
Steve Blank Video at Stanford – Great overview of Customer Development
Eric Ries Video at Stanford – Great introduction to Lean Startup Resources
Venture Hacks – If can only follow one blog – follow Venture Hacks
Lean Startup Circle Google Group – If you have time to read it daily, the best source of ongoing dialog among real lean entrepreneurs. Kent Beck regularly joins the dialog.
Meetup Groups on Lean Startup Wiki
Startup Lessons Learned Conference Presentations – “Woodstock for Entrepreneurs”. I had the pleasure of attending in person and meeting these wonderful people. Favorite presentation was by Aardvark; listen to my questions for them at the end.

Lean Lingo
Start-up Pyramid/Product-Market Fit – Sean Ellis
Five Why’s
Earlyvangelist – Four Steps to the Epiphany, above

The Rock Stars
High profile people who have made unique contributions to the space
Eric Ries – Especially for CTOs
Steve Blank
Dave McClure – Metrics-based marketing, particularly in the consumer space (note: Dave’s talks are not rated G!)
Sean Ellis – What do to after you hit product-market fit (never got there personally…)
Andrew Chen Hacker turned marketer
37 Signals – Getting Real is a classic

Emerging Lean Startup Bloggers
Entrepreneurs who talk openly about what is and isn’t working, sometimes disagreeing with the rock stars.
Me – DC
Ash Maurya – Austin
Brant Cooper – San Diego
Giff Constable -NY

More Resources
Sean Ellis presentation


  1. Jay Oza September 27, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    I found this blog very helpful. I will be using this for the ebook I am currently writing on using Lean end-to-end. As you would agree, that unless there is a Lean culture, it will not be successful.

    My book will be practical (based on my experience) in sales, marketing, partnerships, project management, and customer development.


  2. Laurence McCahill March 30, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    Great list! If you’re interested I’ve compiled a list of tools which we’ve found invaluable for lean projects


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