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A world class team is unstoppable – provided they don’t stop themselves by making bad decisions.

Don’t have a Founder’s Agreement? How to Break-up without Hating Each Other

Summary: It happens, we all make mistakes. Despite what is “common knowledge”, you started a company with a friend without a Founder’s agreement. It happens all of the time. Remember that your relationships and reputation are most important. Then go find standard Founder’s agreements and negotiate a graceful breakup as if you had one from the start.

How to Use Lean Startup to Find Your Tech Co-founder

Finding the right technical parter is the biggest need I hear from Entrepreneurs. In this interview I share insights from Rob Di Marco, one of the most accomplished developers and businesspeople I know. Before you approach the next developer about joining your startup you may want to get insights into how Rob thinks about opportunities. To attract the right technical co-founder: (1) know the role you’re trying to fill, (2) prove you can sell, (3) get CUSTOMER traction, and (4) follow a process.