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How to build better software faster with less money

When Your Startup’s MVP Hack Becomes Technical Debt

If an application lives long enough, that is, if it succeeds, its biggest problem will become that of dealing with change. –Sandi Metz, Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby I advise entrepreneurs to do both learn how to program, and to hack MVP solutions in the interest of achieving Discovery over product quality. This past weekend […]

How to Pick the Programming Language for Your First MVP

Summary: When I advise entrepreneurs to build their own MVP many ask me, “what language should I use.” Since technology is rarely a business risk for startups, I advise entrepreneurs to make the decision based on community instead. Pick a popular technology based on the availability of people who can help you when you get stuck.

How Experienced Developers Can Handicap a Lean Startup

Start-up success depends on rapidly figuring out what customers will actually buy, a process that often requires quickly hacking solutions and other bad software practices for the enterprise. Unfortunately most of us get our tech skills from the enterprise – an environment where cutting corners usually causes more long-term problems than benefits. As a profession we need better practices for lean startups