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Bad Customer Development Questions and How to Avoid My Mistakes

Summary: Although Customer Development can give us tremendous insight into market problems, it takes a lot of time – time that’s wasted if we do it incorrectly. Worse yet, poorly worded questions can cause us to reach wrong conclusions about what people want. The best questions don’t require customers to speculate about their behavior. Here I share real examples my bad questions and mistakes and offer some better alternatives.

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Discuss Politics on Social Media

For most web and mobile entrepreneurs, social media is where we work – where we build our personal brands, market our products, respond to customers, and recruit. Just as we wouldn’t proselytize our political views in the office, we shouldn’t do it on social media either. There is almost no upside and lots of unseen consequences.

How Experienced Developers Can Handicap a Lean Startup

Start-up success depends on rapidly figuring out what customers will actually buy, a process that often requires quickly hacking solutions and other bad software practices for the enterprise. Unfortunately most of us get our tech skills from the enterprise – an environment where cutting corners usually causes more long-term problems than benefits. As a profession we need better practices for lean startups