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Sure, startups are hard. But you can still enjoy the journey if you keep perspective.

Don’t Let the Lean Startup Process Ruin the Fun of Entrepreneurship

Summary: Yes, yes, startups are hard. Brutally hard. But one of the reasons we chose this career is because we want meaningful, enjoyable work. While the emerging entrepreneurship management science of being a Lean Startup is our best remedy against failure, process isn’t worth it if it ruins the fun. So take breaks from the process and don’t let it.

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Discuss Politics on Social Media

For most web and mobile entrepreneurs, social media is where we work – where we build our personal brands, market our products, respond to customers, and recruit. Just as we wouldn’t proselytize our political views in the office, we shouldn’t do it on social media either. There is almost no upside and lots of unseen consequences.