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What Works in Silicon Valley Doesn’t Work Everywhere – And What You Can Do About It

The Lean Startup Conference hosted an amazing webinar today called Beyond Silicon Valley: Applying Lean Startup Around the Globe.  Justin Wilcox, Takashi Tsutsumi (aka “The Steve Blank of Japan”), and I shared our experiences helping entrepreneurs worldwide apply Lean Startup principles. Video streaming by Ustream I’d like to share with you the key points I took […]

When Your Startup’s MVP Hack Becomes Technical Debt

If an application lives long enough, that is, if it succeeds, its biggest problem will become that of dealing with change. –Sandi Metz, Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby I advise entrepreneurs to do both learn how to program, and to hack MVP solutions in the interest of achieving Discovery over product quality. This past weekend […]

Looking for Startup Ideas? First Pick the Market You Want to Serve

Summary: People have many ways of coming up with startup ideas. The most successful for me has been to (1) pick the market I want to serve – then (2) try to find a problem to solve. Not only has this approach made Customer Development more efficient… but serving the customers I want to help makes startup life more fun.

Why We Have a Seed-Round Bubble – NOT a Series A Crunch

If you don’t know what the “Series-A Crunch” is, consider yourself very smart – you don’t spend time reading about the latest investing trends and other drivel from the Startup Entertainment Industry.  (Don’t bothering Googling it, you’ll just stumble upon the latest TechCrunch article, and reading TechCrunch will almost certainly make you a worse entrepreneur.) […]

Primum non obturba: The Startup Mentor’s Oath

Summary: With worldwide explosion of entrepreneurship educational programs and accelerators, more and more of us are mentoring startups. In our eagerness to help, sometimes we can distract entrepreneurs from the most critical issues they need to address. Hence the Mentor’s Oath: Primum non obturba – First, don’t distract.