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Traction: A book for every founder’s library

tl dr; Traction belongs on every startup founder’s bookshelf. I’m buying copies for the CEOs of my current Angel Investments. Get it here. Traction Summarized Traction is one of those books that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone write this before?” Gabriel and Justin have done a marvelous job outlining a strategy for solving the […]

I just got fired – again

Yep. For the second time this year I just got fired from my job. My job – up until 2 hours ago – was to be the head writer/marketer for SoHelpful, my startup. I got the job 15 months ago when I started working on SoHelpful – Chiara Cokieng joined SoHelpful a few weeks ago […]

NEXT as a startup accelerator alternative

Are you thinking about applying to an accelerator and wondering if it is your best option? I recently had the honor of mentoring at Toronto NEXT organized by Nathan Monk, Chris Eben and Holly Knowlman (check out Holly’s post How to run a startup pre-accelerator). They did an amazing job and gave Toronto’s startups a […]