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How SaaS founders can raise Angel funds

Last week I spoke at the National Science Foundation’s Phase 2 SBIR conference about raising Angel funds. The talk was well received so I decided to do a podcast on the topic. Raising Angel funds is different than raising Venture Capital. Most Angels have motivations beyond financial return. Once you know them you can get […]

Is blogging worth it? Content marketing for startups

“Should I even bother writing blog posts?” is one of the most common questions founders ask me. It’s a good question – some successful founders claim content marketing is essential for initial traction. Others think it’s a big waste of time. In this post I’ll clear up some confusion and give you a practical content strategy for startups. You’re not […]

Lead TO your product – not WITH your product

Whew! What a month it has been. More than 500 SaaS founders & customer success teams have taken our concierge onboarding course. After reviewing hundreds of emails, landing pages, and data I’m starting to see patterns between SaaS products that are growing that those that are not. In this post I’ll explain why your product […]

How to handle unsolicited startup advice

Much of my time is consumed by writing my next book, Get Your First 100 Customers by Being Helpful (Download a free sample). In one chapter I talk about the importance of the first 100 customers – for validation, keeping our momentum and teaching us what we really need to do. I want to talk a […]

Not selling? Check your positioning strategy

Can’t get your first customers? You’re not alone Whether you’re starting a product company, freelancing business, or writing a book the challenge is the same: getting initial customers. It’s easier than ever to start a business but harder than ever to get noticed. So frustrating! Most entrepreneurs try to break through the noise with better […]

I’m a founder. And I’m not depressed

Update: I received a number of appreciative, heartfelt emails from entrepreneurs thanking me for sharing my experiences. And a few friends also sent me messages like, “Hey Kevin, I know you mean well but …” In retrospect, I should have exercised better judgement in how I wrote about depression because this is a complex issue. Sorry. […]