Beijing Lean Startup Meetup solves city’s pollution problem

Yesterday we woke up and Beijing looked like…




So we had our biggest meetup ever and wore our air masks….



And today we woke up to…




(ok, maybe the rain and wind helped a bit.  But mostly it was us.)


Stop trying to find customers – get them to find YOU

I gave a presentation at the meetup on how to find more customers. I recorded it complete with examples – you can get it below.

You will learn …

…how to understand your customers by creating a Target Persona … and
……how to use it create content your customers want to read … and
………get them to come to your site and read it



How I’m connecting with entrepreneurs & customers worldwide

Many of you asked how I was helping entrepreneurs worldwide 1-on-1 and how you could do the same with your customers. I do it through my product, SoHelpful, which you can try out for free.


Thanks Shlomo & everyone for attending!

Special thanks to our leader, Shlomo!

As he mentioned…we’re looking for sponsors! Contact Shlomo if you can help out.

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