Trust scales

Why new entrepreneurs are afraid to help customers 1-on–1

Want a litmus test for a startup’s potential? Ask the founder what she does to meet customers – the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs I help don’t work hard enough at it.

When asked “why” they usually mention time/resource limitations or bigger priorities such as fundraising, hiring, or building product.

They perceive meeting and helping a single customer as an unscalable activity. Their mistake? Thinking about scaling time – not scaling impact.


Perceived value of your time increases as your business grows

What they don’t realize is that – given the same amount of effort – the impact of helping a single customer scales as you become successful.

When I first started helping entrepreneurs – like you –  1-on–1 over Skype it took 4 hours/week. 18 months later and it still takes 4 hours/week – and yet I’m hearing more and more stories about what I’m doing in podcasts, blogs, and meetups.

Both my audience and customers for SoHelpful are growing – so the perceived value of my time is greater.

Same person, same amount of time … bigger impact.


Why you hear so many personal stories about Gary Vaynerchuk

Go to any startup event and you’ll hear someone tell a story about Gary.

I emailed Gary – and he replied in less than a minute” … “Gary did a video interview with a friend who has only 5 subscribers!

I’m positive there isn’t anyone raving about how fast I respond to email – I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a celebrity, so everyone he helps tells everyone else.

That’s how you scale.


Just build trust – worry about scale later

If Gary Vaynerchuk has time to help his readers and customers the rest of us have no excuses.

If you’re not personally meeting & helping customers my advice is to start. Seek them out, listen to their problems, and try to help them.

Because trust scales.


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