Wall Street Journal Interview on Lean Startups

The grass roots Lean Startup movement continues to pickup traction. As high-profile companies like DropBox and Aardvark have adopted the strategies, the mainstream business press is starting to take notice.

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported its first piece on the topic. My lengthy and productive discussion with the reporter – who had an excellent understanding of the concepts and asked great questions – was unfortunately edited to a single quote. The text is a bit light but the accompanying interview with Eric Ries is an excellent summary of Lean Startup basics.

In my current capacity as an Entrepreneur in Residence I work with dozens of startups, most of them funded by the National Science Foundation or in the DC region. I reference the work of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Sean Ellis, Dave McClure, Ash Maurya, and others in almost every discussion. Unfortunately many of the concepts are counter-intuitive to popular notions of startups and most entrepreneurs have a difficult time grasping them in one discussion.

If you are a startup entrepreneur, I can’t urge you enough to get connected with the movement. In 5 years it will be almost inconceivable to attempt a startup without these strategies. You’ll increase your odds of success by getting involved as soon as possible.


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    Blog post: My take on @ericries #leanstartup interview in WSJ, http://kevindewalt.com/blog/2010/05/23/w

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