I just got fired – again

Yep. For the second time this year I just got fired from my job. My job – up until 2 hours ago – was to be the head writer/marketer for SoHelpful, my startup. I got the job 15 months ago when I started working on SoHelpful – Chiara Cokieng joined SoHelpful a few weeks ago […]

NEXT as a startup accelerator alternative

Are you thinking about applying to an accelerator and wondering if it is your best option? I recently had the honor of mentoring at Toronto NEXT organized by Nathan Monk, Chris Eben and Holly Knowlman (check out Holly’s post How to run a startup pre-accelerator). They did an amazing job and gave Toronto’s startups a […]

How being helpful won Klinify customers & VC funding

Your biggest entrepreneurial challenge will be finding customers and building closer relationships with them. Lean Startup? Doing Customer Development? You first need to FIND customers TO develop – and get them to trust you enough to try your product. I just finished interviewing Krishanthan Surendran, co-founder & CEO of Klinify “Evernote for private doctors in […]